P2V Systems Scoring a Goal for Azure

P2V Systems are pleased to announce our exclusive and strategic partnership with STATSports, the world’s leading provider of GPS player tracking and analysis solutions for Elite Sports teams across the world.

The Northern Ireland-based company has become a world leader in professional athlete performance monitoring and analysis with their player tracking equipment in use used by European football giants such as Barcelona and Juventus, the Premier League and Internationally.

P2V Systems, also a Northern Ireland-based company and Microsoft Global Award Winner for Cloud Packaged Solutions, have been engaged by STATSports to host and secure critical Elite Athlete data within Microsoft’s Azure platform. This project will see the complete Digital Transformation of the Elite Apex product and will facilitate the necessary scalability and digital capability for STATSports Elite Clubs across the globe.

The technology behind the STATSports’ professional performance monitoring device, the APEX, has been used by many of the National teams competing in this summer’s World Cup – including three of the four semi-finalists (England, Croatia and Belgium). It is also used by many of the world’s biggest sporting organisations, including the English Premier League, MLS, NFL, NBA and the Rugby Football Union.

The Apex device sits between the shoulder blades, where it monitors heart rate and measures various aspects of physiological performance. Harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, P2V Systems have architected a uniquely robust and secure environment for data storage and analysis of player performance data, both from training sessions and during competitive matches. The P2V Systems solution utilises the fabric of Microsoft Azure and Azure SQL to deliver the agility and resilience required at the highest levels of professional sport.

The game never stops.

To ensure high availability, Azure SQL is geo-replicated with 3 database copies in each region, with encryption both online and at rest. From our head office in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the P2V Systems will be supporting the onboarding of Elite sports clubs around the world to Microsoft Azure, including the live data synchronisation to facilitate real time match and performance reporting. Our 24/7 award-winning Managed Services team will ensure that the game never stops.

“We are delighted to support STATSports move successfully and confidently to the Microsoft Cloud, and to enable them to maximise utilisation and business benefit of the full Azure suite.”
Stephen McCann, CEO, P2V Systems
“After an intensive vendor selection process we decided P2V Systems were the best choice for our Cloud IT Partner. We are excited by the potential of the Azure platform for our business and look forward to working with P2V Systems and Microsoft to maximise the benefits of rich, real-time stats for our clubs, their players and their fans.” Fergal McCaffery, Chief Science Officer, STATSports

Pictured Left to Right –
Arthur McMahon, CTO STATSports, Stephen McCann, CEO P2V Systems and Dr Fergal Mc Caffery, Chief Scientific Officer STATSports