Business Continuity Peace of Mind


Business Continuity from Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery

Business Continuity is often overlooked. It can be seen as something that is nice to have or that gets attention to tick a box but is then soon forgotten about and not maintained. Reliance on IT systems continues to grow to the extent where systems going down impacts the business directly. It affects the ability to function costing both money and reputational damage.

Backup and Disaster Recovery are two key elements that must be addressed when developing an effective Business Continuity plan.

Without Backup and Disaster Recovery in place, the business is at risk. If disaster strikes, lost data and applications will affect your ability to operate, which may lead to a loss in revenue, or worse. This can also create risk from a compliance perspective. If you are unable to restore data, you could be breaking the law. Needless to say, the problems brought about from data loss can also pose a risk to your reputation. Your business could be tarnished if you fail to protect data and are not adequately prepared if a disaster does occur.


Business Continuity Simplified with Azure

Before public cloud, Backup and Disaster Recovery could be expensive and at times complicated to plan and implement. Thinking back, with backup you often had issues around storing tapes in a secure offsite location. This could be expensive and required a lot of time and effort. Disaster Recovery was even more expensive and more of a headache than Backup. Basic Disaster Recovery required a second site, with additional hardware, communication links and data replication. Putting Disaster Recovery measures in place often required a large capital outlay which made it a no-go for many businesses. The good news is Microsoft Azure makes Business Continuity much easier to contend with through innovative services like Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery.


Azure Backup – Secure Backup with Minimal Expense and Effort

Azure Backup is simple to implement and removes the reliance on tape drives by storing your backups securely in the cloud. An Azure Backup solution has offsite capabilities out of the box, removing a major expense and pain point often seen when implementing Backup solutions. With Azure Backup, you can ensure both on-premise and Azure resources are securely backed up with minimal setup effort required. Find out more about Azure Backup.


Azure Site Recovery – Peace of Mind in the Event of a Disaster

For Disaster Recovery, Azure Site Recovery enables you to replicate your systems already located in Azure or systems located on-premise (virtual machines and hardware) to another Azure region. You instantly remove the cost of having to find another site to host your systems, you remove the need to purchase hardware that will often sit idle and data replication is handled as part of the service. Azure Site Recovery leverages Azure Automation to allow for recovery plans to be defined, so you can automate tasks like updating DNS entries, or selecting the order to power servers on. You also have the ability to simulate a failover to an isolated network at the click of a button to allow you to validate your recovery plans and carry out testing without impacting your live systems. This provides the peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of a disaster. Find out more about Azure Site Recovery.


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