Benefit from the Billions Microsoft is Committing to Your Security


Microsoft has announced that it will continue to invest $1 billion every year into cyber security research and development to make its solutions more secure against hackers, malware and other cyber threats. Microsoft has committed to this investment as a result of the pace at which cyber attacks are increasing so that it can protect its customers against such attacks.


The Growing Need for Cyber Resilience

Cybercrime is a constantly evolving and ever-increasing challenge for all organisations. Microsoft data suggests that two to three years ago, hackers attempted to carry out around 20,000 cyber-attacks each week. However, the number of attempts has now risen to between 600,000 and 700,000 per week. In the UK, cybercrime has become the fastest growing economic crime, with 44% of UK businesses experiencing some form of cybercrime since 2014.


How is Microsoft Dealing with Cyber Attacks?

Microsoft is focusing on cyber security across the board as part of its products and services as well as its corporate culture. Microsoft has established multiple cyber security teams and related facilities to address threats to users, mitigate breaches and reduce cyber risks. These teams include the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft Enterprise Cyber Security Group and the Microsoft Cyber Defence Operations Centre.


How this Benefits Your Business

With increasing reliance on cloud technology, the stakes around cyber security are rising, but many organisations are finding that they can’t combat this threat on their own.

Businesses often have a difficult time mitigating security breaches and malicious cybercrime. In contrast, Microsoft has the extensive skills, knowledge and financial resources to ensure the protection of your data.

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud solution and it provides a range of services including virtual computing, databases, web hosting, business analytics, data storage and recovery. As one of the largest and fasting growing cloud platforms, Microsoft wants to ensure Azure remains the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure. Although it is designed with industry-leading security features, the security of Azure is set to benefit further from this announcement. The multi-billion dollar investment signifies Microsoft’s intention to strengthen and develop Azure to protect users from increasingly complex cyber threats.

As a Microsoft customer, your organisation can benefit from this world-class cyber security expertise and can leverage the benefits of Microsoft’s huge investments in technology and cyber security.

With this kind of support and proactive cyber security protection from Microsoft, you have peace of mind that you have reduced cyber security risks to your organisation.


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